Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm back!

Welcome to my new blog! The simple nature of a blog makes it a good way for me to spread some thoughts into the world, without investing too much time. Although most posts are related to IT and digital media, this is not a technical blog for IT people only. I'll really try my very best to keep most posts conceptual, rather than technical.

I would be very happy if this blog could:
  • Interest and inspire people
  • Get me some feedback on some of my ideas and thoughts
While not really 'personal' in the way that I tell private stuff that I should really not tell, this is still a personal blog. Which gives me some freedom. I do not force myself to follow every last trend, because I strongly believe that things that are out of the headlines can still be interesting. Freedom is the breeding ground for creativity - And I consider creativity a very, very important skill. No idea killers here!

Since I write about things that are not specific to Belgium (my home country), I would cut off 99% of my potential audience by writing in Dutch. That's why I switched to writing in English. A language which I've not yet mastered, so feel free to correct my grammar/spelling. :)

Any constructive feedback and comments are very welcome. You can also write comments in dutch.

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