Friday, December 4, 2009

Acknowledging bad sleeping habits (step 1)

This is a very atypical post for my blog. Nothing about games or other computer stuff, but something more personal. But I have a reason to write it: it forces me to acknowledge a really annoying issue that came up lately.

Today, on a free day, I woke up 4 hours later than I had planned. That's right. Not half an hour. Not 1 hour, FOUR hours. And it's not the first time this happens either. But it's never been so bad like today: I have bad sleeping habits. And I want to do something about it!

Don't get me wrong; I like sleeping. I have no trouble whatsoever with catching sleep, and I don't wake up screaming in the middle of the night. But I'm addicted to the snooze button. Most of the mornings, I don't even wake up the slightest bit, I just keep on snoozing my cell phone alarm, while my stereo system is playing in the background.

Sometimes, like today, I hit the "off" button instead of the snooze button. I found myself waking up in the middle of the afternoon, with no clue what had happened, absolutely no energy and with a terrible headache. And a very bad mood to go with that. Not the start of the day I had imagined; I wanted to wake up hours earlier, have a nice 'brunch' and get things done today...

When I absolutely have to get out of bed, e.g. for work, things are a little bit easier. When there's more pressure to get out of bed I eventually bite the bullet and get it done. But even that is getting trickier and trickier every day. I might have a too-strong evolutionary connection to some hibernating animal; when the weather is decent, I feel a remarkably stronger urge to get up and do something. But with this cold, dark and rainy weather, things get difficult...

Anyway, I could just let this pass and don't bother. But I choose not to. I will fight the demon of  "10 more minutes and then I'll really get up". Look him in the eye and slay him.

So what exactly will I do about that? Not sure yet - First, I will consult the mighty wisdom of the god of knowledge (the internet) through its gatekeeper (google). Then I will return with a cunning plan that might involve anything from adjusting my habits a little to deploying that crazy alarm clock with wheels. I will report my findings here and keep everyone updated on my progress.

Wish me luck and share your snooze-stories here. It will make me feel better ;)

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  1. Best of luck! "A cunning plan" <- does it involve a turnip?

    One tip, though it might be a little to soon for you ;-), start producing some offspring! They make sure you get out of bed way before your time...

    As commented by me on a Saturday morning before 8 AM :p