Monday, January 4, 2010

Dealing with bad sleeping habits (step 2)

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 Since the day I posted that sad story about struggling to get out of bed in the morning, I took action.

This is the new way my day starts: My stereo system wakes me up for about 50% most of the mornings. Nothing new about that; in the old scenario, this was the point where I turned over again to start snoozing for a very long time. Now, it's just a final warning that allows me to turn over one last time and prepare for the upcoming horror...

Because there's no escape anymore; every night, I put my cell phone on maximum volume on the other end of the room. Even though I really love my warm bed, the TITITITITI-sound of my cell phone alarm is just so annoying that I can't do anything but jump out of bed and turn the damn thing off. So there I stand, fully awake before 7 a.m. Now that's what I call a "brute force" technique!

Let's make that my first official good intention for 2010: keeping up this new habit :-)

And if I fail, I'll install one of these:

Happy newyear!

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  1. Haha brute force waking up. I like it... When it is not used on me. :)