Sunday, March 7, 2010

You can finally play it!

Well, after some delay (exactly one week), the game is ready!

You can download the game from Check out the screenshots and other info, or navigate straight to the 'downloads' section. After downloading, unzip the archive and follow the instructions in the readme (or just click Setup - next - next - next... if you can't wait any longer).

One more important note: Please do not give away the 'clue' of the survey to other people after you've played the game, and answer the questions as honestly as possible. We need as many 'good' participants as possible.

Thank you for participating, and have fun! :-)


  1. Na het ingeven van mijn nickname kon ik niet verder (enter & OK klikken deden beide niets).

  2. Zeker dat je minstens 3 letters had ingetypt, en dat je geen speciale tekens had gebruikt? Je mag ook slechts 1 spatie gebruiken.
    Normaal gezien is dit voldoende getest maar ik zal het voor de zekerheid nog eens controleren! :-)